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Serving You

Your satisfaction is our goal.

Buying a home, whether its your first or the latest among many, is a challenge.  We desire to provide you great customer service, from your first visit to our site or phone call to following up after providing your report.  We want you to understand the home inspection process and be satisfied that we have exceeded your expecations. A home inspection is a non-invasive, non-exhaustive snapshot in time of a particular property.  Our licensed home inspectors provide you with a detailed report of their findings on the major systems of your property.   We are not code inspectors.  We are looking for issues which might cost you significant money down in the near future or which are safety issues when we inspect them.  No inspector catches every issue or defect, but we will spend considerable time assesing your property.

Your Satisfaction - beginning to end

On the right you will find two items: 1) The first is a link for the contract to perform the home inspection.  When you let us know    that you would like us to perform your inspection, we will create a contract specifically for you.  We will send you a link letting you know the contract is ready.  You will enter your email address and the contract will be emailed directly to you to read, review and sign.  2)  The second item is a link for a customer service follow up.  We would love to know your thoughts and feelings about the inspection process.  Only then, can we improve our service.  Please take a few moments to fill out our brief online survey.  We greatly appreciate it.  

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